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October 2012



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blahblah. blah?

round two.

whats with people posing? i mean, really.. you sit and tell me to my face that you don't believe in something, and then a couple weeks go by and you start dating a guy who believes, who's parents believe, so you believe? if you've guessed it, yes, i'm talking about god. LOL i don't have anything against people that believe in god, trust me. but i have this huge problem with people saying they don't, and then suddenly they do. it's one or the other sweetheart, either you believe or you don't. and if you sat and told me to my face that you don't, am i not going to think you're completely full of shit when you start spewing god crap? i mean shit, you can change your mind.. you can change your opinion on something, but i think its completely fucked up to do it because your boyfriend is doing it. so highly annoying. stop being a poser.. it's really immature.

and so is my bitching, but i don't care. it's driving me nuts.

talked to my gma this morning, she informed me that my brother and my mom got into it yesterday over his gf. i'm assuming my mom probably said something along the lines of 'you and your gf need to get your own place' and he went off his rocker. broke 2 doors, threatened my moms life.. again. i wish they'd start realizing what i realized a long time ago. he is who is he, and nobody can make him change.. he has to. and he doesn't want to, so he's not going to. it's this cycle that my gma and my mom are going to go through until he's gone. i'm sorry that i don't have this faith in him that they do, i used to.. but when you get let down over and over again, when you keep taking two steps back and every attempt to take a step foward you get shoved down.. you kinda just give up. sucks to say that i gave up on my brother.. but honestly i feel like he does this to himself. he shouldn't be taking his whole family down with him.. and he does.

anyhow.. me and the wifey (not sure if i mentioned it or not but we got our domestic partnership, woo) are heading down to orange county to see her family next week. i'm looking foward to it. i really wanna go to the beach this visit, and i'm thinking of snatching a bottle of sand to bring home. born and raised in san diego.. and there isn't a beach for MILES here. so here's to hoping i don't end up in the back of a cop car for stealing sand from the beach. LOL i can see it now.. poopie on the 5 o'clock news, the beach sand stealer from tehachapi! hahahah i might be the only one laughing at that.. but thats okay. :P

hope all is swell in lj land. xox.